By now I am sure that most of you have discovered that the out of bounds stakes that enclose the golf course have been painted red (Hole 9 is still white stakes). The reason for this change is to improve the pace of play and to make the golf course slightly less penalizing. Red stakes are considered a lateral hazard or penalty area.

Alan Reese PGA
General Manager
Head Professional
Salem Golf Club
Vice President- Oregon PGA
Director- Pacific Northwest Section PGA
*New reciprocal club in our network- Roseburg Country Club. It is a little further drive than most of our clubs (2hrs 20min) but worth it in the winter as it doesn’t seem to rain as much down south. The cost to play RCC is $20 and like all of our other recip clubs the golf shop needs to make the tee time prior. Our current list of reciprocal clubs are:
  • Spring Hill GC  $25
  • Michelbook CC $25
  • Charbonneau $25
  • McNary GC $35
  • Pine Ridge GC $25
  • Club Green Meadows $25
  • Juniper GC  $45 after 2pm
  • Corvallis Club $45
  • Coos Golf Club $35
  • Salishan Golf Links $16 *rate may increase in 2022
  • Roseburg CC $20