1. The golf season is very busy.  We cannot accept five people playing together.  You must book two tee times and divide your group.
  2. Carts are also at a premium.  We are asking all players to pair up in carts.  Any player feeling strongly about riding alone, he/she will be charged the full two person cart fee.
  3. Tee times are very valuable and the tee sheet is very busy.  Please make sure that you are on the 1st tee ready to tee off at your appointed time.
During the days that are impacted by tournament play, we would like to remind you that we have 9 courses on our reciprocal list that are available for Salem Golf Club members.
The courses are:
  • Spring Hill
  • Michelbook
  • McNary
  • Charbonneau
  • Club Green Meadows
  • Juniper
  • Pine Ridge
  • Coos Golf Club
  • Salishan