Men's Golf Club

Welcome to the Men's Club at Salem Golf Club - 2023

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2023 DUES  ($65.00) are due by December 31.  Place money in the Men’s Club’s Box in the ProShop. Mark your envelop clearly with your first and last name.

Salem Men’s Club promotes the enjoyment of golf, supports the rules and etiquette of the game and provides a structure to participate in competitive play.

Integrity, comradery and fun are at the core of our activities.
Regardless of skill level, your participation is encouraged and hopefully this provides a platform to develop new friendships, improve your golf skills and enjoy the many activities sponsored by SMC.

 Full Members in good standing have paid the $65 for annual membership dues for the golfing season.
Benefits to Full members are:

  • Access to all weekly tournaments and major tournaments scheduled by the Men’s Club.
  • USGA World Golf Handicap Index
  • Membership to Oregon Golf Association (go to the OGA web page to see comprehensive list of benefits)
  • Discounted green fees at the OGA Golf Course in Woodburn, OR
  • Membership in the Northwest Golf Association

Our Board of Directors:

  • President: Mike Groat
  • Vice President/Tournament Director: Ron Tveitmoe
  • Treasury: Ron Richards
  • Communications: Lawrence Harris
  • Handicap Chairman: Jeff Witbeck
  • Thursday Night Tournaments: Tony Tomlison
  • Member at Large:

For additional information about Salem Men’s Club, contact any of the Board members at

or contact Ron Richards directly at 503-871-4882.


Lift, Clean & Place: A ball in the general area may be lifted and cleaned without penalty. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, it must be placed within SIX INCHES of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay.

Ground Under Repair: Deep ruts, made by carts/mowers or other ground keeping equipment, are to be treated as Ground Under Repair (R25-1). Relief from this condition must be taken under Rule 25-1b.

Staked trees: If such a tree interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, the ball may be lifted without penalty, and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relief from the interference.

Casual water: Casual water is a temporary accumulation of water on the course that is not in a water hazard and is visible before or after a player takes his stance. Dew and frost are not casual water. Snow can be either casual water or a loose impediment, at the option of the player. To obtain relief, the player must drop a ball within one club length of the nearest point of relief from the casual water that is not nearer the hole. If the casual water and the player’s ball were on the putting green, the player shall place his ball at the nearest point of relief.

Greens: A ball that comes to rest in or on an aeration hole or disease area may be placed at the nearest spot not nearer the hole that avoids the situation. If a disease area is in the line of a putt, relief is allowed.

Leaf Rule: If a ball is lost in fallen leaves, and if another member of the group attests to the loss of the ball thus, then the player may, without penalty, drop another ball at the location closest to where the original ball was estimated to have been lost.  

Water in the Bunkers: If you ball lands in a bunker and rolls into the water, or your stance is affected by water you can pick, clean, and drop the ball on a dry area with no penalty incurred. However please note the drop area must be still in the hazard and not nearer the hole and must be the nearest point of relief. If the bunker is full of water and you cannot drop inside the hazard then you must drop outside the bunker, at the nearest point of relief but this drop incurs two penalty strokes.

Relief in Unmaintained Bunkers: If you are in a bunker, you may without penalty mark your ball, lift and clean it, rake the bunker and place the ball as near as possible to the position from which it was lifted. Please re-rake the bunker after playing your shot and moving on.

2023 Schedule

February 12th – Sunday, Superbowl Scramble, two-man teams, handicaps to be determined by the committee, $20 enter fee, 9:00am Shotgun start, KP’s, Net Only

March 18th – Saturday, Spring Opener, $20 Entry Fee, Individual Play, 9:00 am Tee Times, Long Drives, KP’s, $5 Pay Balls, Gross and Net

April 6th – Thursday, Four-Man Scramble, RED WHITE and BLUE tees will be rotated. Net Only
April 13th – Thursday, Two-Man Best Ball, Gross and Net
April 20th – Thursday, Two-Man, Mini-Anomaly, Par 5’s /Scramble, Par 4’s/Best Ball and Par
3’s/Aggregate, Gross and Net
April 22nd and 23rd, Saturday and Sunday, Anomaly Tournament, $30 Entry Fee, 9:00 am Tee Times,
Saturday Two-Man Best Ball/Scramble Sunday Two-Man Chapman/Alternate Shot, Gross and Net
April 27th – Thursday, Individual Play, Gross and Net
May – JulyIndividual Match Play, $25 Entry fee. Schedule will be posted in May
May 4th – Thursday, Four-Man Scramble, handicaps to be determined by the committee, Net Only.
May 11th – Thursday, Two-Man Chapman, Gross and Net
May 14th – Sunday, Two-Man Chapman, $20 Entry Fee, 9:00 am Tee Times, Gross and Net
May 18th – Thursday, Four-Man Scramble, Play the Course Backwards, Gross only (examples – for
hole #12 – tee from 11th green to the 12th green; for hole #15 – tee from 16th green to 15th green)
handicaps to be determined by the committee, Net Only
May 25th – Thursday, Two-Man Best Ball, Gross and Net
June 1st – Thursday, Four-Man Scramble, handicaps to be determined by the committee, Net Only.
June 8th – Thursday, Three-Man Money Ball, 2 scores used on each hole, the money ball player and
best of two remaining players. Each player designated three holes. Gross and Net
June 10th – Saturday, Member/Guest, $20 Entry fee, 9:00 am Tee Times, Gross and Net
June 15th – Thursday, Two-Man Best Ball, Gross and Net
June 22nd – Thursday, Individual Play, Beat the Yellow Dog, a player is chosen at random and gets $1
per win, Net Only.
June 29th – Thursday, Four-Man Modified Scramble; Players whose shot is selected misses next shot.
All players tee off, handicaps to be determined by the committee, Net Only

July 6th – Thursday, Three-Man Shamble, best tee by group then plays own ball to finish hole, Net Only.

July 8th – Saturday, BIG EVENT, Four-Man Scramble, 9:00 am Tee Times Gross only. $100 Entry
Fee. Parimutuel betting available after final teams announced.
July 13th – Thursday, Individual Play, Mulligan Night – Player may choose one mulligan per hole!
Mulligan cannot be used for KP shot, Gross and Net
July 19th – Wednesday – Member Participation – Sand and Seed divots in Fairways
July 20th – Thursday, Two-Man Aggregate, combined scores of both players, Gross and Net
July 27th – Thursday, Five-Man Scramble and Barbeque (menu to be determined) Beat the Officers,
winners must beat the Officers, no ties, handicaps to be determined by the committee, Net Only.
August 3rd – Thursday, Individual Play, Long Drive awards by age. Gross and Net
August 5th and 6th Salem Golf Club Capitol City Amateur Tournament
August 10th – Thursday, Two-Man Best Ball, Gross and Net
August 17th – Thursday, Individual Play, Accu-Drive awards by handicaps. A rope/line will be placed
down the center of the fairway. Distance from center line is subtracted from total drive. Gross and Net
August 19th and 20th – Saturday and Sunday – Club Championship, Individual Play, Tee Times 9:00 am,
all players will be re-paired on Sunday, $30 entry fee. Gross and Net
August 24th – Thursday, Four-Man Scramble, handicaps to be determined by the committee, Net Only
August 31st – Thursday, Four-Man Modified-Scramble, players whose shot is selected misses next
shot. All players tee off, handicaps to be determined by the committee, Net Only.
September 7th – Thursday, Two-man Mixer, 3 holes of Chapman, Alternate shot and Best Ball. Gross and
Sept 16thRyder Cup Match Play (Scramble/Chapman, Best Ball/Match Play) $20 Entry Fee
October 15th – Sunday “Huck Johnson” Super Tough Sunday, Individual Play, $20 entry fee, 9:00
Shotgun start. Gross and Net
November 19thSunday, Turkey Shoot, Two-Man Best Ball, 9:00 am Shotgun Start, $25 entry
fee, Gross and Net, Annual Meeting and Turkey Dinner following Day’s play.

All Thursday Night Events start at 5:30 pm, please sign up and pay by 5:15 pm.