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Golf Pro Shop

Free club fitting when your purchase a club!

With custom-fitted clubs, your game will be more enjoyable, your physical comfort will be greater and good scores will be more accessible. Have the lie and loft of your clubs analyzed and adjusted by the Salem Golf Club professionals or let us create a custom set of golf clubs designed specifically to fit your needs.

Want us to customize your existing clubs?

Call the Pro Shop at 503-363-6652 for more information and to schedule your appointment.

Golf is not simply a sport played outside

in a beautiful setting. It’s a game of tradition, history, and lore. With rules more than 250 years old and traditions dating aback 600 years or so. It’s a game played against yourself, your personal best. Let us help you improve your game from every angle!

Golf is a simple concept.

Put the ball in the hole, but it’s impossible to master, unless your name is Woods, Nicklaus, Palmer, Nelson, or Hogan.

It’s the tradition that keeps the game competitive through the years, despite constant improvements in teaching, technology, and courses.

And that tradition makes golf a sport unlike any other.