Caption this: Mobile phones and Tiger Woods

The crowd watching Tiger Woods
Don’t forget to enjoy the show! Here’s a great photo of the crowd just 2m away from Tiger’s best shot of the day. Tiger Woods did great as we knew he would, but mentioned the challenge of this day in golf was the wind. I thought of myself as a photographer when I was a kid. I sometimes used to watch life through the lens. One day, I missed out on the entire experience of a vacation because I realized I was spending so much time trying to capture the moment, I wasn’t in the moment.  Ever since then, I have been more careful to enjoy what I’m experiencing.
No knocking on this guy! I’d be just as excited, wishing I could remember this forever, and with mobile phone’s and our quick cameras, why not? Watching the swing through a 5″ screen might not be my cup of tea. I think the kid’s got a great plan. He’s taking the video, but he’s also watching. Good job!

These photos just get better the longer you observe. Congrats to Tiger Woods being the sole leader of Valspar Championship. Is everyone hyped up? This is interesting tournament. There is a rookie alternate leading the field and the GOAT right behind him.

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